Themes from the book with 



Heroes of the Valley
by Jonathan Stroud


The Viking saga one:  Viking Pride by Christopher Tebbetts


While reluctantly attending a Vikings football game with his father, fourteen-year-old Zack Gilman finds himself transported to ninth-century Scandinavia amongst Vikings that look like people he knows and who see him as the fulfillment of a prophecy that will help them solve the riddle of Yggdrasil's chest.

The Real Vikings: craftsmen, traders, and fearsome raiders by Melvin and Gilda Berger


Viking world: Map -- Who were the Vikings? -- At home in Scandinavia -- Viking kings and gods -- Viking advantage -- Sweeping across Europe -- Crossing the Atlantic -- Viking spirit -- Viking time chart -- Index -- Resources.

Cornelia and the Audacious escapades of the Somerset Sisters by Lesley Blume


Dodger and Me by Jordan Sonnenblick


Miserable because his only friend moved away and he has once again caused his baseball team to lose a game, fifth-grader Willy Ryan's life suddenly becomes a lot more interesting when he finds Dodger, a furry, blue chimpanzee that only he can see, and he has to decide what he really wishes for in life.

The How Rude! Handbook of Friendship & Dating Manners for Teens by Alex J. Packer


First impressions -- The well-mannered conversation -- The etiquette of friendship -- Handling friendship problems politely -- When friends bring their problems and secrets to you -- The etiquette of romance -- Teens want to know-- a dating Q&A -- Sex-etiquette -- Bonus chapter-- aren't manners sexist?

Parent/Child Relationships

Peer Pressure

Someday You'll Thank Me for This! and Other Annoying (but True) Life Lessons by Marc Gellman


This book includes: The cookies are just for dessert -- Clean up your room -- Turn off the lights -- You need a time out -- Play fair -- Speak up so that grandpa/grandma can hear you -- Don't you use that kind of language with me -- Is there anything you want to tell me? --Did what I said go in one ear and out the other? -- Use your head for more than a hat rack -- Don't run with scissors -- It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye -- Practice makes perfect -- Get off your rear end -- Life's too short for this -- Someday you'll thank me for this -- Someday you'll laugh about this -- I'm so proud of you -- Feed the right wolf.

Crunch by Leslie Connor


The oldest Mariss brother, fourteen-year-old Dewey, attempts to be the "embodiment of responsibility" as he juggles the management of the family's bicycle repair business while sharing the household and farm duties with his siblings after a sudden energy crisis strands their parents far from home.

Pip, the Story of Olive
by Kim Kane


Twelve-year-old Olive, an only child who lives with her high-powered lawyer-mother in a ramshackle house at the beach in Australia, does not fit in at the Joanne d'Arc School for Girls, so when her best friend drops her for a more popular girl and Olive suddenly meets her own, more confident twin sister, the two of them go in search of their long-lost father.

The Courage to be Yourself: True Stories by Teens about Cliques, Conflicts, and Overcoming Peer Pressure edited by Al Desetta


This book includes sections like, How I Survived Junior High, Which Crowd Did You Pick? and Lighten Up On Heavy People.  There are many subjects covered and the focus is on teen relationships and the stories come straight from teens themselves.  A great place to start when dealing with peer pressure so that kids don't believe that they are the "only one" to ever have these problems.

Your Space: Dealing With Friends and Peers by Diane Webber


This book focuses on a vast majority of ideas from friendship to bullies.  It also covers fitting in with social groups and peer pressure.

The Tweenage Guide to Not Being Unpopular by Jimmy Gownley

Amelia McBride and her friends at Joe McCarthy Elementary School try to figure out how to be popular, or at least not to be unpopular.



Eragon by
Christopher Paolini


In Aagaesia, a fifteen-year-old boy of unknown lineage called Eragon finds a mysterious stone that weaves his life into an intricate tapestry of destiny, magic, and power, peopled with dragons, elves and monsters.

No Such Thing as Dragons by Philip Reeve


A young, mute boy who is apprenticed to a dragon-slayer suspects that the winged beasts do not exist, until he--and his master--learn the truth.

The Book of Dragons and Other Mythical Beasts by Joe Nigg


This profusely illustrated book tells stories of winged birds, scaled serpents, and legendary sea creatures. It also features a unique family tree of legendary bestial correspondences that traces dragon relationships from one culture's folklore to another. The more than 130 fantastic and vivid illustrations are all in color.

Doubles Trouble by Betty Hicks


Henry wants to win the doubles tennis trophy more than anything. He knows he's good enough, but he's not sure his partner Rocky is. The advantage goes to new readers as they follow Henry as he helps Rocky train and, at the same time, works on his history project. Can Henry serve up an ace on and off the court?

Slot Machine by Chris Lynch


When overweight thirteen-year-old Elvin Bishop is sent to camp at St. Paul's Seminary Retreat Center, he and his two best friends are forced to try out various sports in order to find out where they belong.

Olympics by Chris Oxlade


Surveys the history and traditions of the Olympics, highlighting memorable events from ancient Greece to the present day.


Goofy Jokes and Giggles by Charles Keller


Joke and riddle book.

Totally Silly Jokes by Alison Grambs

An illustrated collection of riddles, such as "Why did the banana get a speeding ticket? He got caught peeling out of the parking lot" and "What do elves surf on? Micro-waves."

The medical zone : jokes,riddles, tongue twisters & "daffynitions" by Gary Chmielewski


Book contains 100 medical-themed jokes, tongue twisters and "Daffynitions". Backmatter includes creative writing information and exercises. After completing the exercises, the reader is encouraged to write their own jokes and submit them for web site posting and future Funny Zone editions.

Hunting/Hunting Animals

Where the red fern grows : the story of two dogs and a boy  by Wilson Rawls


A young boy living in the Ozarks achieves his heart's desire when he becomes the owner of two redbone hounds and teaches them to be champion hunters.

Hawksmaid : the untold story of Robin Hood and Maid Marian by Kathryn Lasky.


In twelfth-century England, Matty grows up to be a master falconer, able to communicate with the devoted birds who later help her and Fynn, also known as Robin Hood, to foil Prince John's plot to steal the crown.

Falconry: Art and Practice by Jenna Ford


Book about the art and practice of Falconry. 

Pet Care

Exotic Pets by David Alderton


This book is a practical pet care handbook for owners of exotic animals.

The Complete Guide to Lost Pet Prevention & Recovery by Joseph Andrew Sapia and Patricia Sapia


How to prevent your pet from becoming lost or stolen, how to recover your lost pet, what to do if you find a stray pet.

Loudest Beagle on the Block by T.T. Sutherland


Ella spends all her time practicing her music for the school talent show until she adopts Trumpet, her new beagle, who helps her make new friends away from the piano bench. However, every time Ella starts to sing, Trumpet howls loudly. Can Ella train Trumpet to tone it down?


Oath Breaker by Michelle Paver


When Bane is killed by the Soul-Eater Thiazzi, Torak sets off into the Deep Forest with his foster father and Renn to avenge his friend's murder, but they find themselves in the midst of a war between the Deep Forest clans.

Masters of Disaster by Gary Paulsen


Twelve-year-old Henry's grand adventures spell disaster for best chums Riley and Reed, who always seems to land in a pile of "smelly goo."

The Deadly Curse of Toco-Rey by Frank E. Peretti


While on a quest to save a piece of history, Jay, Lila, and their father encounter hostile natives and ancient evil forces in the jungles of Central America.

Norse Tales

Myths and Legends from Hiccup's family ties...

Sagas of the Norsemen:  Viking and German Myth by Loren Auerbach


The Viking and Germanic world. The Germanic peoples -- Witnesses from the earth -- Heroic poetry -- Medieval literature -- Picture essay: The Oseburg ship burial -- Gods of war and destiny. The Aesir -- Odin, god of war and magic -- Thor, god of thunder -- Loki, companion to the gods -- The shadowy Pantheon -- Picture essay: The art of warfare -- Lords of fertility and prosperity. The war between the Aesir and Vanir -- Njord and the bounty of the sea -- The mighty ocean -- Feyr, lord of fertility -- The passionate goddess -- Goddesses and the fates of men -- Triumph of the hero. Legends and themes -- Bothvar Bjarki, the battle bear -- The death of Beowulf -- Tannhäuser, the minstrel -- The Volsung heroes -- The gold of the Nibelungs -- Picture essay : Viking and Christian art -- Gudrun of the Hegelings -- Starkad, hero and traitor -- Grettir the outlaw -- Dietrich of Bern and his champions -- How the Lombards came to Italy -- Creation and the doom of the gods. The creation of the universe -- The three levels of existence -- Picture essay: Sacrifice and burial -- The death of Balder -- The end of the world -- The Nordic legacy.

D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths by Ingri and Edgar Parin D'aulaire


A collection of Norse myths describing the exploits of the Aesir gods and goddesses, beginning with the creation of the world and ending with the day of reckoning. The companion to D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths, a treasured part of so many children's libraries, has returned to print after more than twenty years. The Caldecott medal winning D'Aulaires once again captivate their young audience with this beautifully illustrated introduction to Norse legends, telling stories of Odin the all father, Thor the thunder god and the theft of his hammer, Loki the mischievous god of the Jotun Race, and Ragnarokk, the destiny of the gods. Children meet Bragi, the god of poetry, and the famous Valkyrie maidens protecting Odin's Valhalla, among other gods, goddesses, heroes, and giants. Textured illustrations throughout depict the wondrous other world of Norse folklore and its fantastical northern landscape. Includes color illustrations throughout.

Books Illustrated and Written by Kids (or appear to be anyway)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series by Jeff Kinney


Greg records his 6th grade experiences in Middle School.  This entire series is great for kids coping with the stress of going to the new environment of Middle School.  These books really appear to be written as Greg's Journal and are illustrated as well with the same technique.

Captain Underpants Series by Dav Pilkey


Another cute series which is designed and written (supposedly) by George and Harold.  Their imagination gets away from them and they believe that they have put their principal, Mr. Krupp under mind control by accident and he turns in to Captain Underpants whenever someone says the wrong word!  Not only does this appear to be written by the two heroes but they are illustrated and even have some fancy flip art designs inside as well. 

Dragonbreath Series by Ursula Vernon


This series tells the adventures of Danny Dragon during his school days.  He and his best friend Wendell the Iguana  travel under the sea outwitting bullies, fending off giant squid, meet a giant heron, run from ninjas, all while they are just trying to pass Science class.