If Hiccup can train a dragon...You can train your readers!

Are you having difficulty engaging your students or your own kids in books that you just know they would love?  Well I am going to show you how to use the book How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell to get the maximum results out of your students across many different fields of subjects.  There is guaranteed to be something here for everyone and many other books for them to explore when they jump out of this book and into something else.

I have selected the book How to Train Your Dragon because it has a variety of themes, each of which can be used to engage readers of all ages and it is a good starting point for students to find out more about their interests or things that might interest them once they research it a little more.  The themes that I have highlighted in this website are: Vikings, Friendship, Parent/Child Relationships, Peer Pressure, Dragons, Sports, Jokes, Pet Care, Hunting/Hunting Animals, Adventure/Fantasy, Norse Tales, and Books That Appear to be Written and Illustrated by Children.  Each of these themes has read-a-likes which include a brief summary, provided by the library catalog, so there are many other books here for everyone to explore as well.

There are specific sections in this site for Kids and Teachers but feel free to use them in conjunction with each other and also encourage kids to explore this site on their own.  There is much to do and plenty of activities to keep them interested.  So let us set off into the world of How To Train Your Dragon and beyond!